Résidences à vendre en Outaouais
Les Courtiers Immobiliers Indépendants de l'Outaouais (C2IO) inc.

Revenue Properties

Propriétés à revenus

You plan on investing in a revenue property or wish to venture into speculation? Here are a few tips:

Clearly identify your goals

Do you want regular income, long term speculation or looking to keep busy during your weekends? Are you comfortable with the repetitive nature of tenant requests/issues?

Due diligence in your search

Newspapers, private websites, foreclosures, the Canadian Real Estate Association website, the Outauais real estate board (www.avecuncourtier.ca/en/) and others offer a variaty of investing opportunities. To help you navigate in this area, you can rely with a real estate broker who has the skills, the tools and the experience to help you make decisions that will protect your investment.

It’s always possible to have a bad business experience in a market that seems favorable and you can do great business in a market that doesn’t initially appear favorable for you.

Beware of «good deals»

Is buying a foreclosure always a good deal? Not in all situations. Financial institutions are not known for giving away their properties…

Thinking of buying a property that is the result of a divorce or a separation? Often these situations are stemming from financial difficulties/issues ; properties may be linked to large mortgages, a second mortgage or a margin of credit. Most of the time there is little room for negotiation of the listed price. Is this what you are looking for?

Buying a property coming from an estate sale, always a good deal it seems. You need to be aware of the following: is the estate legally settled; who has the decision making power for the sale, the usual absence of legal warranty of quality on properties sold in estate sales. The negotiation process can turn into a nightmare

Do your math!

We often see investors who underestimate the cost linked to the investment and at the same time overestimate the revenues. It’s important to look at all the costs generated with the management of your property, make reasonable forecasts regarding revenues and have some provisions for unexpected expenses.

Build some scenarios

The interest rates vary. It must be taken into account like the vacancy rate for housing too. Operate a building at a time when the vacancy rate is 0.1% or 0.2% is very different than going through a period where the vacancy rate rises to 8% or 10%. Talk to your banker!

A smart promise to purchase agreement

Get copies of leases, certificate of location, check the complaints to the municipality, to ensure proper zoning, check rental units, should ground test be done, inspections, particular clauses in leases? Cases before the Régie du logement du Québec? These points are only part of a promise to purchase well-structured.

The use of leverage

Think it well. Rich people do not have the debts. They have a lot of equity that comes from an ability to repay debt rather than increase.

A winning financing

Remember that financial institutions are more likely to give better rates and terms to new customers compare to current clients. Is not that amazing? So negotiate. A reduction of ½% of 1% on a loan of $ 200,000 will save you about $ 60 per month, $ 720 per year ... a whopping $ 18 000 over 25 years. And what about the weekly payments, for two weeks or a month!

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